Why You Need to Focus on Speaker Wire for the Best Audio Performance from your Vehicle

It's amazing how so many people will purchase the best performance audio equipment from speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers and crossovers and then hook them together with cheap speaker wire. If you want your custom speaker box Temecula residents can respect in terms of sound production, you need to have good quality speaker wire to carry the signal.

The problem facing many people about speaker wire is that they are unsure of what gauge to purchase based on the length. This is because most speakers do not come with the appropriate wire and it can be easy to confuse exactly what you need. With the exception of pre-packaged speaker systems that include specific wires, you will need to shop for the right type in order to get the best sound performance.

Choosing the Right Gauge of Speaker Wire

Basically, the lower the number, the thicker the gauge of speaker wire you can find. Most speaker wire comes in 12 to 16 gauges in terms of thickness. To choose the right one for your needs, you will need to keep in mind just how long the speaker wire will be.

The longer the run, the thicker the wire will need to be in order to better hold the signal. The signal will drop considerably once you reach past a certain distance, so for very long runs you'll need thicker speaker wire. Generally speaking, you don't really need a long run of speaker wire for your car's audio system. However, if you use your car's system as a stand-alone at events, then you may want to have extra speaker wire around to make that type of connection.

For runs of less than 50 feet, 16 gauge is more than acceptable. For runs of greater than 50 feet, 14 gauge is recommended to hold the audio signal. However, there are exceptions depending on the audio quality that you want to deliver.

However, for the best in performance audio Temecula car enthusiast's desire, you may want to go with 14 gauge if for maximum performance if you want to deliver the crisp, clean sound or an explosive effect. 12 gauge arguably will not make much of a difference in audio quality for such a short run.

The Materials Used in Speaker Wire

Another consideration is the materials that the speaker wire is made from which can help improve audio performance. The more conductive the material, the generally better it is for your audio system. Gold, silver and copper are very conductive in terms of transmitting a signal, but you also may want to look at their construction as well.

These bonus characteristics should be considered, but not as paramount features to your audio system since the overall difference is mild at best.

Overall, in order to get the best performance parts Temecula audio enthusiasts want for their vehicles, you will need to get the right type of speaker wire that can make all the difference. This means purchasing the right gauge, material and length to ensure that it is working in top order. Generally speaking, you will want to buy a roll of speaker wire and then cut it to length so that you can maximize the overall performance and not leave excess speaker wire lying about.

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