Unique Subwoofer Design Theories

Subwoofers are considered by many to be a critical part of systems for performance audio

What is a Subwoofer?

Essentially, a subwoofer is a complete loudspeaker that is dedicated to producing low-pitched or bass audio. The standard range for subwoofers is roughly 20 to 200 Hz for consumer use, though professional live sound systems are generally below 100 Hz. Essentially, subwoofers augment the low frequency range for better bass sound.

Subwoofers have been around since the 1960s and have been used in a wide variety of professional and consumer sound systems. Subwoofers entered the public consciousness when the fad of "Sensurround" was developed in the mid-1970s in which theaters used subwoofers to carry the loud, rumbling bass sounds in moves such as "Earthquake" and "Midway".

A standard subwoofer design is a single driver mounted in a sealed enclosure that is airtight with the front of the driver facing outward to project the bass. However, there are other types of subwoofer designs as seen in kicker subwoofer Temecula CA events where larger sound systems are generally used.

Alternate Subwoofer Designs

These alternate designs are essentially variations of the mounting of the driver and the addition of a hole or tube in the frame of the enclosure to help pump out more of the low bass noise.

Bass Reflex or Vented: This is when the enclosure is not airtight because it includes an opening just below the driver that allows more of the sound and vibrations to come from the enclosure itself. The general result is a better feel of the bass and low tone. However it does require a larger enclosure and the actual sound may be so low as to damage the driver itself.

Dual Chamber Vented: This is where the driver is actually mounted inside the enclosure and the sound come out of the port or tube at the bottom of the enclosure in a similar manner as to the bass reflex. This type of system offers more control of the sound, but is rather difficult to properly design.

Transmission Line: This is a very interesting custom speaker box Temecula design that appears on the outside much like a dual vented enclosure. However, on the inside there are a series of chambers much like a maze that helps bounce and direct the sound to the port at the bottom. When properly created, it results in a tremendous bass sound. Yet as indicated, they are difficult to properly design and create which means it may actually perform worse than standard models if not properly built.

Compound Dual Drivers: This is where two drivers are lined up with one in the traditional position facing the outside while the other is right behind it facing the back of the first driver. This system has the advantage of being smaller and providing deep bass sound, but it does waste a great deal of power as well.

All in all, finding the right subwoofer Temecula design requires patience and experimentation for use in your performance audio system.

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