Why You Need a Crossover

When setting up your car performance audio system, the primary focus is often the speakers and amplifier. However, for higher-grade audio systems, you'll want to look at a crossover for maximum performance.

While most people associate crossovers with professional sound systems used by musicians, bands and at large events. Today, crossovers are a key part of competition car audio systems. Understanding how a crossover works best for your needs starts with knowing how they interact with a standard audio system.

What is a Car Audio Crossover?

Basically, it is a smaller, but no less powerful version than the crossovers found in professional sound systems. They are used in vehicles that feature a subwoofer and a mix of 6x9", 6.5" round, and other component speakers. The crossover separates out the frequency range so that the speakers and subwoofer get exactly what works best for them. Low frequency for the subwoofers and mid to high frequency for the speakers are what crossovers basically do.

In some cases, tweeters are used which means that the crossover will send the high frequency signals to the tweeters, mid range to the speakers and low frequency to the subwoofers. Usually, speakers with a tweeter and woofer will have a passive crossover inside to separate the signals.

What an Active Crossover Can Do for your Audio System

Active crossover systems are superior to the passive ones and can be located anywhere in the chain of your audio system. They are electronic crossovers that can be configured in many different ways so that you can maximize the audio impact to your speaker system. Subwoofer systems can really benefit when using active crossovers.

Of course, you can take active crossovers a step further and use multiple amplifiers which can power different speakers directly. In this manner, you can get the best range of audio for each speaker thanks to the active crossover. Since each amplifier only needs to handle a certain range of frequencies, you can maximize the efficiency of the power you use on the sound system itself.

You can also maximize the aggressiveness of the slope which is how the frequencies are cut in car audio systems. For most uses, a 12db per octave slope works quite well. However, slopes can be more aggressive and go up to 24db if needed, especially with subwoofers.

However, you design your performance car system you will need to use the best in terms of active crossovers to get the job done. Multiple amps, top quality speakers, and the right active crossovers along with the proper design will create the best conditions for your car's audio system.

Whether you want a kicker subwoofer a Temecula CA resident can admire or just win out at the local competition car audio event, there are a number of ways that an active crossover can help boost the overall performance of your vehicle's audio system. Be sure to get professional advice and use the best of Aspine Temecula CA assistance so that your audio system can really shine.

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